• Josh Wickman - Career Bio

  • Posted on February 08, 2017
  • When those who deal with Joshua Wickman in business are asked what they thing, they respond positively. Most see him as a passionate and highly skilled business consultant and sales manager. However, what impresses them most is his ability to make any company better. He has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to develop a business strategy that is second to none. More than that, the strategy he devises will be special and unique, especially designed to meet that company's business needs and goals.

    Joshua Wickman now lives in Laguna Beach, California, where he holds important positions with two business consulting firms. For example, Josh is the president of Pacific Coast Consulting Group, a private scientific consultancy where he has been since January 2015. PCCG specializes in assisting clients with company project management, as they have since they were established in 2008. They chose Josh because of his experience and skill as both a business consultant and as a sales manager.

    In addition to his role at Pacific Coast Consulting Group, Josh Wickman also is the Chief Executive Officer at Josh Wickman Consultant. He founded that consulting firm in June 2012. He is widely seen as an expert when it comes to developing the best marketing strategy, in part because he understands the importance of customer service in every strategy and he realizes that strategic planning is enormously important. Josh’s skill in such areas as social networking, social media marketing, advertising, pubic relations and, especially sales management are highly valued by clients wherever he goes.

    Josh Wickman has gained his experience working with a number of organizations, including the American Recovery Association, which is the the largest network of certified compliant recovery and marketing professionals in the country. His experience simply makes him one of the best consultants anywhere.

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