• Joshua Wickman’s Experience Drives Him

  • Posted on May 21, 2017
  • It is simply true that Joshua Wickman has an high level of experience as a business consultant. In fact, it is likely that experience that has turned him into a first-class partner in helping businesses improve their fortunes. He is considered an expert in dealing with businesses who need help to develop a marketing strategy that will get them where they feel they need to be. That is true whether the business is a startup or an established business that just needs to grow. Josh Wickman instinctively knows the importance of customer service in every strategy, which gives him a bit of an edge, as does his keen eye for strategic planning, which he considered extremely crucial.

    Josh Wickman is recognized by many as one of the best in a number of extremely important areas, especially these days. Among these areas are social media marketing, networking, public relations and all sorts of advertising, whether it is traditional media or new media. His skills in those areas are highly appreciated by his clients. Josh currently lives in Laguna Beach, California, and he currently plays a key role in two companies. For example, Josh Wickman has been president of Pacific Coast Consulting Group, which is a private scientific consultancy with a goal of providing clients with project management consulting services since 2015.

    PCCG chose Josh Wickman based on his experience and skill as both a business consultant and as a sales manager. That is largely due to Joshua’s impressive experience as a business consultant and strategic planner; experience that has made him into a first-class partner for any business that would like to improve their bottom line and their position.

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