• Josh Wickman Makes Any Business Better

  • Posted on September 26, 2017
  • These days, Josh Wickman can be found working with a large number of clients of Pacific Coast Consulting Group (PCCG), where he serves as president. That firm was established back in 2oo8 as a first-class private scientific consultancy that intended to stand well above the others in the same space. Since joining PCCG about two years ago, Josh has been intent on providing clients with the best project management services available.

    Since he joined the firm in January 2015, Josh Wickman has been a star on their team, who no doubt chose Joss because of his considerable experience and skill levels, both as a business consultant and a sales manager. Due to his tendency to assist as many clients as possible, Josh doesn’t limit himself. In addition to his work with PCCG, Josh also founded and has served as Chief Executive Officer(CEO) for Josh Wickman Consultant, since its establishment in June 2012. Besides his considerable experience, Josh Wickman also has a lot of education, having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and Media some time ago.

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